Patrons dig deep

The C Art Trust Award allows artists the luxury of time to explore and experiment.

The second iteration of the C Art Trust Award concluded at the end of 2016 and was awarded to Auckland-based artist, Andrew Barber. Behind the is award is a scheme of patronage that enables individuals to contribute $3500 each, pooling a total of $50,000 for the recipient. The aim is to recognise and support one of the trust's mid-career contemporary artists. In 2016, patrons from Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hawke's Bay and Taranaki contributed to this award. 

The C Art Trust Award recognises that New Zealand contemporary artists are creatively rich and time poor. For the 2016 award winner, Barber, who had a full year of gallery shows and projects, the $50,000 prize afforded him time away from paid employment so that he could explore, reflect and experiment. Throughout 2016, patrons of the award gained unique insight and understanding of Barber's creative process and artistic vision through engagement with him, his studio, his projects and commissions. 

The year finished with dinner at Hopkinson Mossman Gallery, Auckland, to celebrate those whose collaboration with the trust and its patrons had made the 2016 award a success. The trust offers sincere thanks to Sarah Hopkinson, Danae Mossman and Hopkinson Mossman Gallery; Olivia McLeavey and Peter McLeavey Gallery; Courtney Johnston, Sian van Dyk and the Dowse Art Museum: Emma Bugden; and Gary Peters.

The C Art Trust will present a third award in the second half of 2017. 

To become involved in supporting the trust's contemporary artists, or to receive further information about this scheme of patronage, email

Patrons make a difference

Bringing together a group of committed patrons, a new contemporary art trust is allowing artists the luxury of time and money to make new work.

The recently established C Art Trust provides a unique opportunity for those interested in supporting New Zealand contemporary artists. The trust coordinates 20 patrons, who together provide $60,000 to support a contemporary artist for a year. Each patron provides $3500 which, owing to the charitable nature of the trust, is tax-deductible. 

The artist is chosen from a small curated selection and by invitation. The C Art Trust Award then enables the artist to explore, reflect, experiment and develop their artistic practice over a sustained period, which they wouldn't otherwise have sufficient time to do. Contemporary art generally becomes enriched and the individual artist is able to create a new and substantial body of work for exhibition and sale. Each of the donors receives a small representative work in appreciation of their patronage. 

Patrons are able to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of New Zealand contemporary art practice by supporting and engaging with an established artist over a 12-month period. 

Jeena Shin was the inaugural 2014 recipient of the C Art Trust Award. During the award period, patrons had the opportunity to visit Shin in her studio and be involved in other projects she was engaged in. At the end of the award period, patrons gathered at Two Rooms Gallery, Auckland, to celebrate Shin's exhibition Matus. Dr Janine Randerson gave an informative introductory speech, and Shin joined the dinner held to celebrate the success of the award. 

The C Art Trust is a collaboration between the artist, the patrons, the curator and the gallery representing the artist.

Those interested in becoming patrons in the upcoming award for the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016, can contact the trust at